Eyeglass Frames Materials
Finding eyeglasses with the qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing a frame material, each distinguished by its own strengths.
Lens Options for Eyeglasses
When it comes to choosing eyeglass lenses, it's no longer a simple choice of "glass or plastic?"
Men's Eyeglass Frames
Most men are interested in comfort, fit and durability when it comes to eyeglasses.
Specialty Eyewear
Just as "one-size-fits-all" doesn't always fit, neither does one pair of eyeglasses for all situations.
The Basics of Eyeglasses
Eyeglasses are more popular today than ever, despite the availability of contact lenses and vision correction surgery.
Women's Eyeglass Frames
Need new eyeglasses? The choices in women's frames are nearly unlimited.





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